Industrial valves

Huta Małapanew Sp. z o.o. manufactures armature castings and industrial fittings in accordance with the requirements of the Pressure Equipment Directive PED (compliance according to module H) and harmonized standards.

Manufactured fittings are wedge gate valves with passages from DN 40 to DN 1000 intended for cutting off the flow of non-aggressive liquids and gases (water, steam, air) as well as aggressive and flammable (alkalis, acids, salt solutions and petroleum substances) with a maximum operating temperature of 100 ° C , 250 ° C, or 400 ° C, depending on the figure intended for the installation:

  • energy
  • heating
  • refining
  • chemical
  • gas

and shut-off check valves with ports from DN 65 to DN 250, designed to cut off the flow of sea water at ambient temperature, intended for installation in the ship's side plating.

Depending on the application and customer's order, industrial valves and fittings are made:

  • Hulls, wedges and covers for gate valves and valves - made of carbon and alloy cast steel
  • Gate valves, series no. 043 - made of carbon cast steel
  • Valves series no. 055 - made of carbon cast steel
  • Valves series no. 122W - made of carbon cast steel
  • Valves series no. 122 - made of alloy cast steel
  • Gate valves catalog number 190S - made of alloy cast steel, including acid-resistant steel
  • ide outlet check-shutoff valves