Cement industry

We offer cast elements for devices used in the cement and lime industry (mills, coolers, furnaces), including elements exposed to factors causing rapid wear (abrasion, impact, high orka turę), made of materials proven in use, optimally selected for the operating conditions Thermal treatment. 

We have our own tooling for standard casting positions.
In individual cases, we make castings according to the customer’s documentation and model.

  • Lining boards for cement, raw material and coal mills.
    Made of low-alloy cast steel, Hadfield cast steel and other grades allowing for hardness from 40 to 58 HRC, depending on the needs.

  • Plates and other elements of coolers
    Made of heat-resistant and creep-resistant cast steel, designed to operate at temperatures: 1100 ° C – reducing atmosphere 1200 ° C – oxidizing atmosphere
    and from materials that can orka t temperatures up to 1250 ° C.

  • Baffle plates for mills
    Made with the following types of assortment preferred:
    chrome cast iron and cast steel with increased impact strength.

  • Other steel castings according
    to individual customer requirements in terms of the production capacity of the plant.