Rollers and rolling equipment

Huta is a producer of metallurgical rolls and rolling accessories recognized in Poland and Europe. The scope of production includes smooth rolls, rolls with patterns and pilgrim rolls
and insulated (by heat-shrinking the roller with the shaft). Performed from appropriately selected, depending on the intended use, grades of alloy cast steel
and cast iron and according to the individual material requirements of the customer
(taking into account the production possibilities). 

The rolls are delivered with finished bearing shafts and a mounting piece for the drive of the rolling mill. The barrels are processed leaving an allowance for finishing. In pilgrim rollers, the forging profile remains unfinished.

Cast steel intended for rolls is smelted in electric arc furnaces with basic lining. Roll castings are made by die casting and by casting in molds of self-hardening masses, made by hand. The maximum charge weight (cylinder with overhead) is 20 Mg.

The heat treatment of rolls is carried out in computer-controlled chamber furnaces.

Mechanical processing of rollers is performed on numerically controlled machine tools, among others: German companies HOESCH and GEORG.

The entire technological process is monitored, and the individual production stages are subject to visual inspection and non-destructive testing.

Production capacity of rollers

  • production capacity: 200 t / month
  • hardness range: 280-360 HB on cast steel rolls
  • hardness range: 300-450 HB on cast iron rolls
  • maximum mass of the processed roller: approx. 8000 kg
  • maximum diameter in the machined state of cast steel rolls:
    - pilgrim roller - diameter: 1200 mm, 
    - smooth cylinder (for profiles) diameter: 1000 mm, średnica: 1000 mm,
  • maximum diameter in the machined state of cast iron rolls:
    - smooth cylinder (for profiles) - diameter: 1250 mm średnica: 1250 mm   

Charakterystyka produkowanych walców staliwnych

type of roller total length of the cylinder "L" barrel length "L1" barrel diameter „D” spigot diameter „D1”
pilgrim rollers
rollers for profiles
Pilgrim roller for rolling seamless pipes
Smooth roller for rolling sheets and profiles with pins for slide bearings
Smooth roller for rolling plates and profiles with pins for rolling bearings

*) Material according to PN-90 / H-83161 standard. Upon customer's request, other material can be used

Material symbol *) Type of material the purpose of the roller
Eutectoid cast steel, chrome-molybdenum-vanadium
for rolling profiles, mainly for preliminary frames
Hypereutectoid, chromium-tungsten-molybdenum-vadan cast steel
For hot rolling of sheet metal
Hypereutectoid cast steel, chromium-nickel-molybdenum
For rolling profiles, bars and plates, mainly for preliminary frames
Hypereutectoid cast steel, chromium-nickel-molybdenum
For rolling profiles and bars into end frames
Eutectoid cast steel, chrome-molybdenum-vanadium
Pilgrim rollers for rolling seamless pipes
Carbon hypoeutectoid cast steel with increased manganese content
Pilgrim rollers for rolling seamless tubes (intended for surfacing)
Eutectoid cast steel, chromium-molybdenum
For the rough rolling of billets

Characteristics of the produced cast iron rollers

type of roller Total roller lenght barrel length barrel diameter spigot diameter
rollers for profiles
Material symbol Type of material the purpose of the roller
Alloy pearlitic ductile iron
Rolling of profiles
Ductile bainitic cast iron
Rolling of flat bars

Rolling equipment

The rolling equipment is made according to the customer's documentation. The standardized rolling equipment for compact sections of groove mills is also produced, according to the company's documentation.

  • Typical accessory:
    - sliding and roller dampers of compact profiles,
    - section slide and roller dampers,
    - sliding and roller output of compact profiles,
    - turning rollers,
    - section slide outlets,
    - exit of IPE sections,
    - horizontal guide rollers,
    - beams and fasteners.