Range of activities

HUTA MAŁAPANEW Spółka z o.o. istnieje od 1 lipca 2001r i jest kontynuatorką działalności Spółki Akcyjnej o tej samej nazwie i jej 250-letnie tradycje odlewniczej. OD 2004r.

Huta is one of the largest producers in Poland and a valued supplier of castings (mainly cast steel, but also cast iron). The main assortment of production includes: raw and machined castings, metallurgical rolls, industrial valves (gate valves and valves), machine parts, including road wheels, rolling equipment. The foundry also provides model instrumentation for the ordered castings as well as mechanical and heat treatment services.

The steelworks produces castings from about 200 grades of cast steel and cast iron according to the standards: PN / EN, DIN, ASTM, GOST, BS or based on the customer's requirements. The weight of a single raw casting can be from 5 to 12,000 kg. It also offers industrial fittings made in accordance with the requirements of the pressure directive, in the diameter range: DN 40÷ 1000 and working pressures PN 6 ÷ 25 and PN 40 (depending on the figure).

The steelworks supplies raw and machined castings to the domestic and foreign markets, for industries such as the mining industry, metallurgy, cement and lime industry, machinery, energy, shipbuilding and others. It also manufactures industrial fittings for pipeline transport for the needs of many industries. Castings are made according to the customer's documentation as well as according to the delivered pattern or model, in unit or serial quantities, and delivered according to the customer's request, in a raw state or after machining (rough or ready).

Huta has certificates and approvals for its products and processes:

  • dla odlewów ciśnieniowych i morskich – certyfikaty jednostek takich jak LR, BV, PRS, DNV,
  • dla odlewów kolejowych – świadectwo DB (odlewanie i obróbki cieplna – HPQ), uznanie TUV Rheinland (spawanie – CL1),
  • for fittings - BV certificate (PED compliance according to module H)
  • for ladders for mining combines - ITG KOMAG safety certificate