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Development and verification in industrial conditions of the technology of cast monoblock elements of railway turnouts with increased functional properties, made of manganese cast steel

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Purpose of the project: 

Development and verification in real conditions of the technology of producing castings of the frog monoblock made of manganese cast steel with increased functional properties consisting in increasing the impact toughness, reducing the hardness spread while maintaining the required range, i.e. from 160 to 260 HB, and eliminating cracking in the process of joining the casting with the rail using the technology welding with a chromium-nickel steel spacer.


  1. Development of liquid metal preparation technology, including: the smelting process and increasing metallurgical purity through the use of secondary furnace treatment of the metal bath and optimization of its parameters.
  2. Development of optimal conditions for the manufacturing process of molds dedicated to target castings based on the ALPHA SET technology with a matrix of chromite sand.
  3. Development of optimal heat treatment parameters.
Target group: 

the rail surface industry, i.e. companies that are subcontractors / suppliers of elements (e.g. turnouts, track systems, turnout components) as part of works ordered by the railway infrastructure manager (e.g. PKP PLK), including the modernization or expansion of railroad surface elements.


Planned effects:

obtaining a technology for producing frog monoblock castings (element of a railway turnout), verified in real conditions, made of manganese cast steel with increased utility properties and monoblock castings of frogs with increased utility properties dedicated to 3 sizes of a railway turnout.

Project value: 

PLN 33,048,971.25

Amount of funding: 

PLN 14,163,530.69

Implementation period: 

May 1, 2021 - December 31, 2023


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